The American Woodworking Team
American Woodworking is a premiere millwork company, specializing in wood features and finishings, art metal fabrication and water features for commercial, medical and hospitality industries.

The company was created in 1989 inspired by founder Mike Storch’s love of natural materials and the desire to produce the best products possible. Through more than two decades, the team at American Woodworking has gained national recognition for our fine craftsmanship, providing creative solutions to challenging commercial spaces, and for completing projects on time and with the least disruption to our clients’ business.

Selecting the finest materials and using the latest technology, American woodworking applies craftsmanship passed on through generations to build decorative features for large common spaces and single rooms.  Our clients expect their own customers to be surrounded in an ambiance of only the highest quality and need the work done in the least intrusive way possible. That is why we approach each project as a unique, but time- and budget-sensitive creation.

In addition to using a streamlined and proven project management process, which includes a complete and approved plan before any work begins, American Woodworking staff has extensive background and knowledge of the entire construction and installation process, particularly in hospitality; they have the knowledge to interpret and the skill to assist the designers and architects to accomplish their design intent. Most importantly, American Woodworking excels at making the dreams of the skilled professionals on your team a reality that works just as intended, looks beautiful and increases revenue for your space.