For the Philadelphia Airport Marriott, we were hired to create a bar and lobby area to blend with the new look that the ownership and design group had planned to refresh the space and make it feel more modern. The job was a fast-track project with the hotel in operation, and we had to work closely with management and contractor Continental Contractors to ensure uninterrupted service for guests and on-time completion.

The designers, Parker-Torres Design Inc., integrated some beautiful new materials and textures into the project, which made the work even more enjoyable. In the bar, we made an entire bar back of wood, marble and mirroring, along with wall treatments and all of the graphic surrounds. We created the light box and acrylic for decorative cityscapes. The effect is futuristic, stylish and sleek, which is exactly what our clients were looking for.

In the bar great room, which includes a dining area, we built decorative columns, extensive wall paneling, and a wall display of wood and mirroring, in addition to gauge metal work with recessed lighting and two communal tables of walnut and stainless steel.

The number of spaces involved in the project and the job’s volume of construction and installation required the participation of our entire workforce to keep the work on schedule. We completed the project on time and exceeded the expectations of the design team, contractor and hotel ownership.