The Royal Sonesta Houston Hotel was a great opportunity for us to work with this brand and the vision they had for this property. We enjoyed the pace of this job and the close relationship we had with all of the people involved with this project.

The designers, ownership and contractor we worked with on this project were very helpful and easy to work with. The designer and ownership had a clear vision for this project that was bold and incorporated lots of unique materials. Some of those materials were Forms & Surfaces Vivistone Onyx which is seen in the back bar and the entrance vestibule. The front desk used a metal product from Forms & Surfaces, Fused Metal. We also had the chance to work with some Interlam products in a couple of areas. The CNC cut mdf panels had a high degree of detail and in the finished product gave the design a rich and bold feel.

The millwork for this project spanned everything from the bar and front desk to columns and dividers in the bar common area. Also there was a very nice market /coffee shop area that turned out to be stunning.

Some of the different things that we enjoyed doing for this Hotel were the front desk and the concierge desk. They had Form & Surfaces Fused metal bent at angles. The Bar had an upholstered front on it which curved up. The Back Bar had Form & Surfaces Onyx Glass in the wall which had back lighting illuminating it. As can be seen in the project photographs you can see how all of the areas tie into a cohesive public space. It was truly a breathtaking lobby and bar area for the guests to enjoy and to make them feel pampered.