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American Woodworking has a holistic approach to projects. From engineering to shop drawings to fabricating to finishing to installing, our team will get the job done with precision and artistry.


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Whether you need a one-time partner for a project

or a lifetime partner for multiple projects,

American Woodworking can fulfill all your needs.

Our decades of experience provide us with the ability to forecast potential pitfalls as well as provide outside-the-box thinking and creativity. Our solutions encompass everything from the creative, design, engineering, and installation for each project.

We are experienced in working within the GC community with Architects and Designers working through manufacturing and structural issues to protect design intent and achieve the desired end result.


We value our trusted partnerships with general contractors greatly and will keep their trust by continuing our excellent service through every project.


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We are turnkey working with millwork, metal, stone, glass, and lighting, specializing in custom manufacturing for the hospitality industry including bars, restaurants, and retail. 


Applications include, but are not limited to cabinetry, architectural reproduction, moulding and doors, paneling, freestanding furniture, solid surface applications, high-pressure decorative laminate.

We are a certified registered manufacturer for all solid surface lines and have our own laminating, finishing, and powder-coating capabilities. 

No project is too big for us. We love giving our master woodworkers unique projects that they will be excited to build and be proud of. See examples of our past projects to get a sense of our capabilities.

See our teams and our step-by-step process below.

Project Management


From start to finish, our project management is fundamental within our projects. They provide support in project consulting and have a proven methodology that leverages outstanding pre-construction design analysis and efficient,

on-site engineering assessments. 

Our project managers have clear, proactive communication with clients to help provide affordable material and construction solutions and to ensure a reasonable timeline.

This makes them the main reason American Woodworking is the preferred millwork company for high-end contractors.

Our master craftsmen can build just about anything. They find solutions to create ideas that have never been done before and our shop is constantly turning out beautiful showpieces thanks to them. At American Woodworking, we have the capabilities to cut, weld, and manipulate metal in our own dedicated metal shop in addition to the wood millwork we do. The fabrication team is in direct communication with project managers every day to ensure that their project goes smoothly and no questions are left unasked on all sides.

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