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Whether you need a one-time partner for one project or a lifetime partner for multiple projects, American  Woodworking can fulfill all your project needs. We are turnkey working with millwork, metal, stone, glass and lighting.  We are experienced in working within the GC community, with Architects and Designers working through manufacturing and structural issues to protect design intent and achieve the desired end result. Our years of experience provide us with the ability to forecast potential pitfalls as well as provide outside-the-box thinking and creativity. Our turnkey solutions encompass everything from the creative, design, engineering and installation for each project.


We provide support in project consulting and have a proven project management methodology that leverages outstanding pre-construction design analysis and engineering efficient on-site assesment with fast/unobtrusive installation


At American our specialties are unique, custom architectural millwork and casework for the commercial market .  We never do the same thing twice.


Applications include, but are not limited to cabinetry, architectural reproduction, moulding and doors, paneling, freestanding furniture, solid surface applications, high-pressure decorative laminate.

With our own finishing and powder coating capabilities we provide an unlimited choice of finishes.


We work with and or supply accessory materials such as metal, stone, glass, lighting and specialty plastic products. We are a certified registered manufacturer for all solid surface lines.



Our High Quality Millwork and Metalwork Installations



Masterful Woodworking

American Woodworking is a premiere architectural millwork and metal fabrication company, specializing in custom wood manufacturing for the hospitality, commercial, medical industries.

The company was created in 2012, inspired by love of natural materials and the desire to produce the best products possible resulting in engaging and exciting environments. Through more than twenty five years, the team at American Woodworking has gained national recognition for our fine craftsmanship, providing creative solutions to challenging commercial spaces, and for completing projects on time and with the least disruption to our clients’ business.

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